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  • Preventative Services

    Preventative care is essential to the framework for a healthy lifestyle. We’ll work with you to help identify changes in your health before they become an issue.

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  • Infections & Vaccinations

    We offer a number of vaccinations and infection testing/treatment plans to aid in acute care recovery.

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  • Physicals & Wellness Exams

    Physical and wellness exams are pivotal in identifying changes. Routine monitoring is essential to identifying change in health over time.

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  • Women’s Health

    We help provide ongoing support and guidance for our female patients to better manage changes that occur throughout their lives

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  • Diabetes Management

    We understand the challenges associated with Diabetes and are here to help you find a solution.

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  • Diagnostics Testing

    We believe in streamlining the patient pathway. This means less inconvenient trips to the local draw site or imaging center.

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Celina Health and Wellness is a full-service facility, focusing on comprehensive care for the entire family. When you establish a relationship with a primary care provider, you are partnering with a medical expert who is committed to improving your health and life for the long term.

Adult Health care

High quality healthcare where the focus is on you and your well-being. Our team can provide complete and comprehensive care for ages 12 and up.


We make testing and patient care more accessible for you by providing labs and cardiac/sonography diagnostics in-office.  With more services in house, patient care takes place within the same clinic you’ve grown accustomed to.

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OUR Facility
OUR Facility
  • Blood Wellness Testing
  • In-office EKG
  • Cardiac Testing
  • At-home sleep disorder testing
  • Sonography
  • In-office Flu/infection testing
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Oleta is full of spunk and positive energy and really takes time to listen to you. Awesome smile and attitude and the rest of the staff is very friendly and helpful too! I am so happy to have them here! — Christina

Oleta Schranz MSN, RN, FNP-C